Changes to add Angular and Bootstrap

Ok, it’s been a while since I updated the blog, sorry for being quiet, I’ve been thinking…

I’ve changed a few things about the lithophane site to make it more responsive to platform changes i.e. different browsers, operating systems and mobile platforms including phones.


I started out using Angular to simplify some of the repeated sections and data binding, then I added bootstrap to make the UI consistent across all the platforms.  This meant I had to include JQuery as well.

I must admit, it’s all getting a bit heavy for a single page app that just converts one file to another!

I will revise this, I can conditionally select the bits of bootstrap that I use and I think I can safely remove some other bits an pieces that aren’t used (and probably never will be).  This will happen over the coming weeks.

I have added a few new features though, the ability to repeat the image across the surface in both the X and Y direction (you can also mirror and flip alternate images so that the edges tile cleanly)  You can choose whether the model updates automatically each time you click an image and if the model downloads after each update AND you can also choose ASCII STL files if you’re using IE and you like large files.

The other thing I added is the ability to place the lithophane on a rectangular pillow, a dome or around a heart – like you do…

This image was wrapped “around” the dome in the screen shot above:


Hope you like the changes and that it’s not too confusing.

P.S. I’ve moved all the text and settings into a separate file so that it can be translated to another language. Let me know if you’d like any help doing this and I’ll send you some information.

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2 thoughts on “Changes to add Angular and Bootstrap”

  1. Really impressive program and enhancements. I was wondering if anyone has tried using these for casting real porcelain lithophanes or kiln cast glass??

    1. I did send a couple to a potter to see if you could use them to make an impression in the wet porcelain, I’ve only just sent them, I’ll post an entry in the blog when I hear back.

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